A Message to My Brethren

My Dear Brethren, have you ever asked yourself, why you have entered Freemasonry and for what purpose, or what is Freemasonry?

It is said that Freemasonry is a specific system of morality that is taught in symbolism and allegory. To explain it, we should see, how is this different from other methods of teaching. There are three ways of teaching systems. The oldest practiced by Pluto was dialectic system that through conversation and question and answer one transfers certain thoughts and teaching to others. The other is the academic system that has been used commonly, through schools, universities and books etc.

The third system is esoteric, that is normally covered and can not be understood by the appearance of what is said or instructed. To understand it, one has to go deeper and beyond the appearance of the instructions. This is only possible if one has discovered the ability to discover the deeper meaning behind the appearance of things. Freemasonry uses this method to transfer its teachings to individuals.

This is the formal description of Freemasonry, but it is far more and deeper than this. Entering Freemasonry is voluntary, but not everyone is accepted. To know why and the reason, we must look to the real purpose of Freemasonry. Freemasonry is founded on the belief of the Supreme Creator as the ultimate light of Wisdom and Love, where all his humanity is created equal and based on Individual Absolute Freedom within the limits of justice and equality.

The wider implication of this belief is to work for the enlightenment of humanity and advancement of Human society with justice and happiness for all. How to achieve this is to bring in the potential leaders of society, having already the quality and character suitable for this transformation. Freemasonry is an institution of moral aristocracy and individuals entering it must have and right character and totally committed to its principles.

Now my Brethren, we have a great valuable gift given to us, through more than 20 years of continuous work and many challenges. It is up to you to commit to it, to enlighten yourselves and our society, work for the benefit of our society and country and the humanity in general.

My Brethren, it is my pride to be your Brother in Freemasonry and I hope you take this message to your heart and commit yourself lifelong to achieve it. I am sure with your commitment the success will be yours and you will achieve your sacred commitment.

With Sincere Fraternal Love,

Robert B. Heyat