Esteemed Brethren

As the Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Azerbaijan, it is my privilege to address you, the guardians of our noble craft, at this historic juncture, united by the bonds of brotherhood and enlightenment, which is a profound honor for me.

Azerbaijani Freemasonry took root during the Qajar dynasty in Iran and later expanded its presence into the Russian Empire following the deviation of Azerbaijan. After the collapse of the Russian Empire, our esteemed brothers played a vital role in establishing the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-1920), the first democratic republic in the Muslim world.

This groundbreaking achievement marked a significant moment in history, underscoring Azerbaijan's pioneering role in adopting democratic principles within the Muslim community.

As the result of the Bolshevik invasion, Azerbaijani Freemasons sought refuge in France, Turkey, the USA, and various European countries, returning in the 1990s to bring enlightenment to an independent Azerbaijan.

Throughout history, Azerbaijani Freemasonry has shone as a beacon of wisdom and leadership, building bridges among the elites of Iran, Türkiye, and Russia. Our founding brethren and distinguished intellectuals, who pursued freedom and justice, illuminated societies with the principles of Freemasonry in their hearts.

Brethren, let us acknowledge the profound heritage of Azerbaijan, where the East meets the West and where the ancient philosophies of the East intertwine with the wisdom of the West. It is essential to recognize their contributions who have tirelessly built bridges between Eastern and Western scholars, enriching our understanding of astronomy, mathematics, and philosophy.

Let us embrace this unique cultural intersection and strive to continue their legacy of fostering harmony and enlightenment across border.

Azerbaijan, known as the "Land of Fire," has deep connections to the ancient Zoroastrian tradition, which has greatly influenced Freemasonry. These connections have shaped the understanding of enlightenment, wisdom, and the eternal struggle between light and darkness.

As inheritors of this legacy, we carry the flame of knowledge and virtue, standing as guardians of the sacred teachings that have illuminated the path of Azerbaijani Freemasonry throughout the ages.

We take pride in the harmony and peace that define our beloved Azerbaijan, a society that is deeply respectful of all religious beliefs and universal spiritual values, reflecting the essence of our Masonic ideals. In this tapestry of diversity and inclusivity, we come together as a true family, embracing each other's cultures and celebrating our traditions.

As Freemasons, we are committed to non-political ideals and remain loyal to our country, state, and families. Our sacred duty remains unchanged—to guide good men towards self-improvement, guided by the enduring principles of Freemasonry based on the landmarks that have guided us for centuries.

It is through our unwavering commitment to these landmarks that we have upheld the harmony and unity of our order, ensuring that the flame of enlightenment continues to illuminate our path.

Brethren, let us unite in the spirit of brotherly love and mutual respect, as we honor our past, celebrate our present, and forge an enlightening path for future generations of Azerbaijani Freemasons. This path will continue to spread the light of peace and understanding across the world.

Fraternally yours,

Emil Hasanov

Grand Master