The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Azerbaijan

The Supreme Council for the 33° and last Degree for Azerbaijan of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite was Consecrated on 8th July 2017, in Baku, Azerbaijan, based on the Protocol of Cooperation signed in 2010 by the Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Azerbaijan with the Supreme Council of Romania. Our Constitution is based on the principles of 1786 Grand Constitution and adapted from the Constitution of USA Southern Jurisdiction Mother Council of the world.

The Consecration of the Supreme Council for Azerbaijan were assisted by the following Five European Supreme Councils:

  • Supreme Council for Romania
  • Supreme Council for Turkey
  • Supreme Council for Greece
  • Supreme Council for Portugal
  • Supreme Council for Russia

The Supreme Council, 33° Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Azerbaijan is a full member of European conference of Supreme Councils.


  • Lodge of Perfection “Nizami” (4° – 14°)
  • Lodge-Chapter of Rose Croix “Zarathustra” (15° – 18°)
  • Lodge of Council of Kadosh “Mitra” (19° – 28°)
  • Lodge of Consistory “Nasimi” (29° – 32°)