Joining NGLAz

Applying to become a Freemason as a member of NGLAz involves a few key steps, aimed at ensuring that candidates are well-suited for membership in our fraternity:

  • Research:

    Start by understanding Freemasonry and its commitment to personal development, community service, and moral integrity. Research NGLAz website and to get a sense of our fraternity's values and activities.

  • Contact NGLAz:

    Contact NGLAz, express your interest in joining and ask about the process.

  • Petition for Membership:

    Once you've made connections and decided to proceed, you will need to complete a petition form. This form requires personal information, reasons for joining, a declaration of your belief in a Supreme Being, and needs endorsements from current members.

  • Interview:

    After your petition is submitted, an interview will follow. This is conducted by NGLAz members to assess your motivations for joining and to ensure that your values align with those our fraternity and Freemasonry.

  • Balloting:

    The final decision for admission is made through a voting process. If accepted, you will be invited to participate in the initiation rites.